Saturday, 25 July 2015

Garden: July 26 2012

It's late July and the garden is doing great!  This is all my brother and cousin's doing.  I don't even water it, I just take photos.

We have one lone hanging basket left that nobody's watered in about seven years.  It's all sedum and grass now, but it's still hanging on.

Sedum and grass

Red basil

Sweet green basil

 Most of those tomatoes are green because my cousin and I eat them off the plants as soon as they're ripe.
 The tomatoes the guys seeded are getting big and putting out green tomatoes now.

 There's a few strawberries but usually the slugs get to them before we can.

 My brother's weird old Russian Niva 1600.  He wants to buy a Mustang.

The thistles are doing great.  The bees like them too.


  1. mmmm.... I want your basil. Trade fo seelani;)

    1. Yes definitely! It's not actually MY basil but I'm sure my cousin would be willing to part with some :)