Saturday, 4 October 2014

Eid al Adha

I've had two groups of Eidiyya trick or treaters today, the first around seven thirty in the morning, a pair of girls in their Eid clothes and makeup, the second a group of four boys in red and green trimmed thobes with fake guns.  The first time I panicked because I had been sleeping and I thought they wanted candy and I didn't have any candy and then I thought the girl was saying hediyya and I didn't have any presents to give them.  The second time I didn't have enough baisa to give all of them.  I hope I don't get any more, because I'm all out of baisa.

I am that person in all those tumblr posts who is spending Eid alone, but I don't want to be pitied.  I had ice cream and coffee for breakfast after sleeping in.

Pictures of the 1907 Hajj (from the Guardian)

Mount Arafat
Paradise of al Ma'ala


  1. You're on tumblr, I am on pinterest;)

    Mmmm, eggs, fried tomatoe, hashbrowns, and eggs instead harees, and hot chocolate and and tea with shortbread instead of qhawa... I am enjoying my lone Eid thus far;)

    1. I like harees, but that sounds good!

  2. Happy eid! (Oh my goodness, this autospellcheck made me try 15 times just to spell the word properly!). I'm out in the boonies of the US, so our holidays are always spent quietly. Kind of nice and peaceful, but very un-Omani! And it's wonderful to see you back on the blog--was missing it!
    Enjoy your holiday!!!

    1. Happy Eid to you too, Anon. I'm guessing you're on your phone, mine's always testing my patience when I try to time Islamic phrases in English.

      I was ill and I didn't realise how much time had gone by without a post, it's amazing how it flies even when we're not having fun.