Saturday, 16 March 2013

Someone passed me a baby today, and after a while he started to cry, so I set him down figuring he would crawl around a bit.  He weighed about twenty pounds, they can crawl by that point, right?

 But he just lay there facedown on the rug like a piece of toast that landed peanut butter-side-down and started to cry even harder, and the whole room full of women turned and looked at me like what the hell did she just do to that baby.  He couldn’t even push himself up on his arms yet, or sit unsupported.


 Moral of the story: don't give me your baby, I am clueless and might break it.


  1. LOL YES!!!!!!

    Arab mothers tend to lug the baby around until 2 years old full time.

    People couldn't understand why my daughter likes to walk and crawl by herself more than being toted. But I guess, if you never give them that freedom, they'll resent it eventually and you'll have your lifelong dependents as desired in the culture anyways?

    ***Rant done.

  2. Ohhhhhh, that just clicked. They do too, I don't think I've ever seen a baby here crawl, and that baby was in someone's arms the whole visit. No wonder they were so shocked, I must've looked like I was abusing their baby. Oh dear.

    I see a lot of overworked mothers who feel like they have to do everything for their kids, even well into adulthood. That's not good for anyone.