Thursday, 7 October 2010

The Black Sea

On our way to the Black Sea last week, after the pickle shop incident. There were a lot of animals on the road as we drove through farmland - cows, chickens, ducks, and what looked like some sort of buffalo:

This beach is usually very crowded, but summer is over now, so it was just us and the cows.
The beach was littered with the sort of things you might find on a Canadian beach.  There were a lot of beer bottles and cans (here's a Tuborg bottle):

Other assorted bottles as well - this one's covered in barnacles.

Shotgun shells! Very Canadian. There were a lot of less attractive things, including dirty diapers, which I didn't photograph.  I found a lot of empty sunscreen tubes, alcoholic drink containers, dead campfires, and old sofas and rugs littered around. There was a fair bit of garbage, but not as much as there is on the public beaches at the Dead Sea.

Seagull footprints:

Little kid footprints:

Rukiye and a relative having fun in the waves. The first time they got drenched was a surprise.

The seagulls who made all those footprints:

It was a very fun trip, despite the incident with the police.

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  1. Police?? looks like you had a grate day :)